Relida Limited is a start-up, sex-tech company that has researched and developed an algorithm that can identify and measure all the stages of the human orgasm.

In order to further test and develop this algorithm, our team has created an application for smartphones which used together with a paired heart rate monitor has the ability to show to the user when he or she has achieved an orgasm and the body’s response in the build-up to it and the stages after. In addition, our team has succeeded in creating a special parameter that can validate the ‘’type’’ of orgasm the user had. 

There are few things to learn about our project:

1. This project is, in fact, the brainchild of a woman, whose goal is to enhance the sexual well-being for couples.


2. Our studies show that orgasm and stages building up to and post may be identified through algorithmic measurement of heart rate while ascending, during and after climaxing. This has been documented in detail in such studies as Masters and Johnson conducted in the 60’s. They found that when climaxing a person's heart rate increased amongst other things, such as blood pressure, contraction of the pelvic muscles and other tangible measurables. The key difference is that today it is much easier to get the information with smartwatches and other tools available measuring for heart rates.


3. If you want to see for yourself, it is very easy. Enjoy an experience. Lay down on your bed with a tool to measure your heart rate (using a smartwatch, heart rate tracker, etc.) and start masturbating. You will see the difference between your heart rate when you have an orgasm vs when you have some increase in your heart rate due to the physical activity. However, try stimulating yourself with minimal exertion, and you will see your heart rate still increase. This works for women AND men.


4. This interesting observation leads us to try and discover if there is a common pattern of heart rate when orgasming for different people. We found that there is indeed a common pattern.


5. Based on this common pattern, we developed an algorithm which is already very accurate. We are in the final stage of the latest version of the algorithm with an individual evolutive pattern.



6. The products (the App and algorithm) are ready and we are welcome for cooperation with interested companies.



Our team is led by a woman who worked for six years, gathering a sufficient volume of data from volunteers to create the foundation for the algorithm. We are completing the development of the next version that will identify a unique personal pattern for each person orgasming.


Clearly there is a lot more to climaxing than the peak moment, there are a number of phases including the build-up and post orgasm (a sexual response cycle), our measurements in these phases provide crucial information.

As we complete the next phases, we aim to make the algorithm predictive by analysing the response cycle of orgasms in real-time.

If you are interested in cooperating with us, please send us a request, and we can provide you with a demo version for testing. Terms and conditions apply.



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