There is a tweet describing us in a twisted, very wrong and insulting way. That's why we decided to clarify ourselves. The slides shown on this tweet were sent to a private email address. They were NOT supposed to be published!!!

1. The creator of this algorithm is a woman looking for the well-being of other women.

2. Yes, an orgasm may be identified with heart rate as it has a specific pattern when climaxing. This was already described in the 60s by Masters and Johnson research. They were mentionning it with other things like blood pressure increase, contraction of the pelvic muscles... Big difference is that today it is much more easy to get the information with all the watches and other tools measuring heart rate.

3. If you want to check it. It is very easy. Make an experience. Lay down on your bed with a tool to measure your heart rate (watch, ring...), start masturbating.  Then see the difference between your heart rate pattern when you have an orgasm vs when you are only aroused. This works for women AND men.

4. This interesting observation gave us the idea to find if there is a common pattern of heart rate when orgasming for different people. We found that there is a common pattern.

5. Based on this common pattern, we develop an algorithm (work in progress) which is already very accurate but not perfect (as we are not yet able to make an evolutive individual pattern with our algo).

6. We NEVER wanted to sell this algorithm directly to women or men. Indeed, this is a too sensitive subject and information that could create pressure on women.

7. We just want our algorithm to be used as a testing way for companies developing new products for women's pleasure

8. It is all about science, and our research is going on, not finished and not yet published.

9. We will inform you in due time.





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